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Mr and Mrs Sutton

Dogs Owner

We would like to take this opportunity to send a huge thank you to Mr Clarke and the Abbey House team for the recent treatment Ada and Poppy received. We are very fortunate to have a practice which provides excellent care for all of our dogs, 24 hours a day. The practice continues to develop and has fantastic facilities on site with a wide range of specialists, should they be needed, whilst still maintaining a personal service. We have been clients at Abbey House for a number of years now and have the confidence and comfort that our dogs are given the best treatment possible in a caring and compassionate manner” Martin and Gill Sutton

Mr Hodges


“A very professional service run by people who care” Mr Hodges

Hawkes and Sheppard

Cat Owner

A couple of months ago, our Leo was hit by a car on his back end, causing a ‘tail pull injury.’

Unfortunately after a tail amputation and many many visits to the vets, our beautiful boy had to be put to sleep.

It was an extremely sad time, and we would like to thank everyone at Morley for their help and support.

Especially to the vet, Roberta, who was with us at the end. You were amazing! So kind and compassionate.

And of course, the reception staff, who could see we were in a mess. Thankyou for your understanding.

Leo saw lots of different vets for a couple of weeks as he was having to have his bladder expressed twice a day.

Special thanks to Justyna, Alexandra and of course, Roberta.


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