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Leeds Emergency Vets is a long-established night and emergency service providing an out of hours service to the pet owners of Leeds and the surrounding areas. It is based in our well-equipped Morley Hospital, staffed by our veterinary surgeons and nurses who have special training in emergency medicine. Most importantly our emergency teams have not been working during the day. It is better for your pet to be treated by a veterinary surgeon who is wide awake, keen to see your animal and whose special interest is in emergency medicine. It also means that the day vet can get a good nights sleep and give the best possible care to your pet during the day.

We are easy to find with strategically placed road signs in the surrounding area. If you have any difficulties in finding us then the staff at the clinic will be able to guide you in. A mobile phone can be invaluable in these circumstances. Always let us know that you are on your way and the nature of the emergency as this allows us to be best prepared for your animal.

All the treatment your pet needs will be performed without delay including x-rays, emergency surgery, intravenous fluid therapy etc. and essential pain relief. This information about your pet’s condition and treatment will be faxed through to your own vet that night so that they will be fully aware of its condition and be able to continue with the veterinary care the following day.

Leeds Emergency Vets

Leeds Emergency Vets
52 Commercial Street
LS27 8AG

Tel: 0113 252 5818

LEV hours

Mon to Fri 7pm – 8.30am

Sat  12pm – 2pm and then 6pm – 8.30am Mon

These times will vary on bank holidays




For matters of personal security the staff at the clinic have instructions not to allow anyone entry to the clinic unless telephone contact has been made first. The doors are kept locked during the out of hours periods. There is an intercom situated at the main door. Staff will let you in as soon as possible but please be aware there may be a slight delay in the vet seeing you as emergencies have to be prioritised at busy times.