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Meet our Vets and their Pets – Lisa

Clinical Director and Ophthalmologist Lisa Davies and cats Lionel and Frankie

This is Lionel, I rescued him at 12 weeks of age, his eye was already damaged beyond repair and I had to remove it. It has never held him back although he does tend to get locked into places and “lost” for a while causing much consternation and panic. He specially likes cupboards wardrobes and neighbours garages.


He is incredibly affectionate and like to nip my ankles gently when he is peckish until he gets fed.

Frankie was also a stray who wandered into a house in Ledston but no-one came for her despite extensive advertising.

She is a very dominant cat, possessive about her humans and has an avid dislike of dogs and is quite happy to be on guard if any have the cheek to visit our home.


I have been at Abbey House since I graduated in 1989 from the Royal Dick in Edinburgh. I have been an ophthalmologist since 1996 and see eye problems for Abbey House clients and also others referred from surrounding practices.