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Meet our Vets and their Pets – Bethan

Vet Bethan Warner and Mittens

This is Mittens, my very elderly cat, looking incredibly annoyed at being woken from her nap for a photo. I was only 5 years old when we got Mittens (and one of her brothers, Moppet) from a local rescue centre, so I have grown up with her almost my whole life. She still lives with my Mum in Harrogate though, as she would not have appreciated moving house to Leeds so late in life. She’s been a very easy cat so far as, apart from her vaccinations, she’s never needed to a trip to the vets – fingers crossed that continues! She spends 90% of her time sleeping, 9% of her time eating and 1% of her time coming for cuddles (very much on her terms), so she really does have the ideal life!!