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Luther’s Story

This is Luther he is 9yrs old and lives with his friend Ginny. He came to see the vet in January 2017 for an annual health check and booster. It was identified that he was a little plumper than he should be and was advised to go on a diet. He started to come and see one of the practice nurses, Laura, to start his diet plan. His starting weight was 7.66kg and although he is bigger than an average domestic short haired cat, he was still overweight.

At the start Luther was not impressed with his change in diet, although he ate it, he didn’t feel it was enough so pestered his parents for more. After a testing start Luther started to lose weight and small improvements started to show. Luther slowly became more active and loving towards his parents and his coat condition has greatly improved.

Luther continued to have a gradual weight loss over the next couple of years and finally reached his target weight in November 2018. It is much safer to have a gradual weight loss over a longer period of time to maintain your pet’s health, this worked well for Luther to help him adjust to the change of lifestyle. After reaching this he was closely monitored as he was switched back onto his normal diet again.

Luther would not have got to where he is without the commitment of his parents. The first step is admitting your pet is overweight and working with the veterinary team to improve your pet’s life for the better. Your pet’s weight can contribute to other health problems so keeping it maintained is paramount.

Luther has remained at his target weight of 5.5kg thanks to his parent’s dedication.

In a human comparison, this weight loss is 4.6lbs and is 28% of his overall body weight.

Kind words from Luther’s parents –

‘Thanks must go to you Laura for all your support, advice and help not only to Luther but also to us for helping to get on the right path to care for our boy’