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Rabbit Awareness Week 1st – 9th June 2019

RAW is a coalition of experts, organisations and welfare charities who have come together with the mission to improve rabbit welfare

The RAW website has lots of useful information about diet, environment, behaviour, companionship and health to make sure you have a happy and healthy rabbit.

If you have pet rabbits or are considering getting rabbits as pets please check out this site to make sure you can fully accommodate their needs.

This year they are raising awareness around Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease 2 (RVHD2). RVHD2 is a new variant of RVHD1 and is often fatal. The RVHD2 virus causes internal bleeding. The disease has a low recovery rate as there is no specific treatment for RVHD2 only supportive care. Therefore, the best way to protect your rabbits is to vaccinate them!

During Rabbit Awareness Week 2019 we are running a vaccination offer making it a great time to get your rabbit vaccinated