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About our Medical Nurses

My name is Arianne and I am one of the rota nurses at Abbey House Veterinary Hospital. This means that I do a variety of shifts that include medical and surgical nursing. Today I’m going to tell you about our medical nurses’ role.

We see a variety of different patients day to day most of which need to stay in the hospital for a few days, some will need to spend longer with us so we get to know our patients well and learn what they like to eat where they like to go to the toilet (some dogs like to go only on grass). Our role is to care for these patients, calculate their food requirements and make sure they have an appropriate diet or assisted feeding if they have a feeding tube. We pain asses our patients to make sure they are comfortable and if we feel they are not, alert the veterinary surgeon and administer pain relief as directed. We administer many other medications that the veterinary surgeon has prescribed. This can include pain relief, heart medication, thyroid medication, insulin and many more.

We have separate wards for patients that need isolating due to them possibly having an infectious disease, to prevent it being spread to another patient. We also have an intensive care ward, for critically ill patients. This includes patients with breathing issues that may require oxygen. We also care and monitor patients undergoing blood transfusions to ensure they are coping and to quickly detect any reactions.

This role includes collecting blood and samples for analysis. We also place intravenous catheters and monitor patients during fluid therapy. This care is continued throughout the night by the night nurses.

Our medical shift includes post-operative care of patients that have had surgical procedure and need to stay in for pain management or they may need assisted feeding via a tube.

Photo : Medical Nurses performing checks on in-patient Benson in the Dogs Ward at the Morley Hospital.