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Meet our vets and their pets – Daisy

Vet Daisy Copley and Pepper and Sully

Pepper is a chihuahua and is around 10 years of age, a rescue I took on through my previous practice. She’s very sweet and thinks she is a spaniel having lived with my spaniels since I took her on 4 years ago! She is a very active little chihuahua and has been known to walk 10 miles and more with me in the Cumbrian and Yorkshire hills.

Sully is a show English Cocker Spaniel and is now 8 months old… he causes chaos wherever he goes but is a very sweet natured boy and very well behaved making his training easier. His favourite activity is being chased around the living room by Pepper. The picture here is of him at his hydrotherapy sessions- I am trying to get him happy with water from a young age- he loves it!!