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Importance of Vaccinating your Rabbit

Many rabbit owners have heard of the disease Myxomatosis, which is caused by a virus carried by insects including flies, mosquitos and fleas. Myxomatosis causes severe illness with swellings to various parts of the rabbit’s body and is usually fatal. Fortunately, a vaccine is available for this disease, and can be given to your rabbit at an annual veterinary health check

visit. The vaccine is called Nobivac Myxomatosis-RHD1 vaccine. This is because it is combined with a vaccine for another serious disease called Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD)

Unfortunately, RHD virus has mutated (changed) during the last few years, and we now need to protect rabbits against a new deadly strain of RHD called RHD2 as well as the original RHD1. The vaccine for this is called Filavac, and is given annually for most rabbits. Filavac is an imported European vaccine, and is unlicensed in the UK, but can be used with informed, signed consent.

It has already been used routinely in our Practice for several years. The vaccine cannot be given at the same time as Nobivac Myxo-RHD1 vaccine, and is usually given 2 weeks later. Our vets will answer any questions you may have about rabbit vaccinations.

As we feel it is important to vaccinate rabbits regularly, we are now offering a course of Nobivac Myxo-RHD1 and then Filavac RHD2 vaccine from 2 weeks later, at a discounted price. Clients can still have the vaccines given separately if they prefer.

Please contact our Morley hospital, or any of our branches for further information, or to book an appointment for your rabbit. This includes a full health check, including a dental check for your pet. If your rabbit is already regularly vaccinated for these diseases, but the separate vaccines have been given at different times of year, please make an appointment when the next vaccination is due, and our vet will advise you further.

We offer a full course of vaccinations at a discounted rate of £59.99. This includes the two vaccinations at least two weeks apart. The first covers Myxo and RHD1 and the second RHD2. These should be repeated every 12 months.

Separately they cost – Myxo/RHD1 £42.99 or RHD2 £40.99.