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Puppy Socialising Classes

Socialisation of young puppies is vital and is something we at Abbey House have always encouraged. We hold regular puppy classes where puppies of different breeds but similar ages are allowed to mix and play while owners are taught the importance and the benefits of social behaviour and training and how it can affect their puppy's development.


This development is so important that we have joined with the Kennel Club and intend to improve our puppy classes and be able to offer the Kennel Club Good Citizen Award Foundation Level.


The puppies start at approximately 10 weeks of age and attend a maximum of 8 weeks enjoying lots of rewards and free play with other puppies while learning important skills like the recall, the basic positions of sit, down, stay, stand and good manners. At the classes we discuss all the topics related to having a puppy such as diet, house training, chewing and mouthing.


The classes are run by veterinary nurses and are usually held on an evening, children are welcome and are encouraged to interact with the puppies.


For more information and to check availability of the classes please contact one of our surgeries.

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