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Direct Insurance Claims


A direct claim is the process by which the veterinary practice claims the fees directly from the insurance company. 

Direct claims create a considerable administration burden and can result in a significant delay in receipt of payment. This service is offered as a gesture of goodwill to our clients.

We currently do not make a financial charge for this service on direct claims over £200.  For direct claims under £200, we maintain the right to apply an administrative fee of £12.50 (exclusive of VAT).   

The direct claim service can be withdrawn at any time and payment will be expected at the time of treatment and can be claimed in the normal way.

***All direct claims must first be authorised*** 

Direct claims are processed upon discharge of your pet.  You will receive an invoice detailing the fees claimed and details of policy limitations for future claims. 


Direct Claim Process

1. The insurance company name and policy number must be given to a member of the reception team.

2. The policy holder must contact the insurance company to give Abbey House authority to speak to them regarding the policy

3. Our insurance administrator will contact the insurance company to discuss the type of policy, excess, start date, exclusions and any current or previous claims.

4. All current and previous veterinary surgeries are contacted and asked to send us a full clinical history. This information is used to check for pre-existing conditions.

5. Our insurance administrator will determine if the current condition is likely to be covered under the policy. Whilst every effort is made to clarify if a claim will be successful, ultimately the final decision lies with the insurance company.



The policy excess and any fees not covered under your policy are payable upon collection of your pet.

Most insurance companies also exclude fees for food, euthanasia, cremation and some laboratory tests. 

Upon completion of the direct claim you will received an invoice detailing what fees have been claimed.  This is for your records.

A direct claim may include fees that you have already paid.  This is one of the conditions of making a direct claim and you will be informed of any credit upon settlement of your account by the insurance company.


**If a claim is declined the outstanding costs must be settled within 7 days.  We reserve the right to ask for full payment if any direct claim has been outstanding for over 8 weeks.**


 Terms and Conditions

A direct claim is offered as a gesture of goodwill to our clients.  Agreement to a direct claim is authorised on condition of the following terms.

1. I understand that a direct claim is NOT confirmation that the claim will be settled by the insurance company. If my claim is declined I am fully responsible for any outstanding fees.

2. I understand that I am responsible for any shortfall in payment by the insurance company.

3. I understand that the direct claim will be completed and sent to the insurance company upon discharge of my pet from Abbey House. Further direct claims for the same condition will be authorised as per the Abbey House policy for such claims.

4. I understand that all appropriate fees will be claimed as direct payment to Abbey House - this includes fees I may have paid for. I will be informed of any credit to my account upon settlement of the claim by the insurance company.

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