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Update on Horace our Dogs for Good Assistance Dog

Following our charity dog walk in October 2015, we were able to join the Dogs for Good Puppy Partners Club and are sponsoring the training of assistance puppy Horace.


Horace is now 5 months old and we have received an update from his puppy socialiser Sonia.


Sonia is tasked with caring for Horace’s well-being, including carrying out routine checks, ensuring he is the correct weight, and grooming. Nikki, their puppy coordinator will work closely with them and as well as seeing them at puppy classes, will visit Sonia and Horace at home to monitor progress. Horace regularly attends puppy classes to establish the basics. Rewards are used when Horace is showing the correct behaviours.


“Horace loves visiting new places. He’s been to the supermarket, pet shop, doctors and in a lift. He loves going for a free run in the local park. Horace is a lovely puppy to socialise, very energetic but also very entertaining.” Sonia, socialiser


“I’m pleased with Horace’s progress. He settled quickly with Sonia and is a very happy and affectionate puppy. He walks well on a lead and knows all his basic commands.” Nikki, puppy coordinator.


We look forward to hearing the next update when Horace is 10 months old. 



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