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Our most unusual patient

It's not every day that we have such an exotic animal gracing the pens at Abbey House but recently we were asked to neuter a skunk! There were lots of jokes about having to hold your nose whilst operating but Stinky D was an odourless individual, easy to handle and charming in her habits.


A quick call to the exotics department of Edinburgh University soon allowed us to discover the safest anaesthetic to use and the operation itself was very straightforward, just like a dog in fact! Stinky D was soon round from her anaesthetic and munching her way through cabbage and carrots.


Stinky D is owned by Mr and Mrs Hewitt of Morley Exotic Animal Rescue. They have a wide range of unusual animals which they have rescued and intend to show to school children locally. So ... we are looking forward to dealing with many more exciting and unusual animals and we hope that they are all as well behaved and sweet-smelling as Stinky D!

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