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New Surgical Techniques

Key hole surgery is becoming increasingly popular in human medicine, it is now finding its way into veterinary medicine. As many of you are aware and some of you may have experienced, key hole or endoscopic surgery is becoming increasingly popular in human medicine. This trend is now finding its way into veterinary medicine and Abbey House has recently purchased an extensive range of surgical equipment from the German endoscopy company Karl Storz that supplies widely to the human field.


This will allow us to perform key hole surgery for some routine surgical procedures and more importantly for diagnostic purposes in both the chest and abdomen. We will also be able to achieve improved visualisation of the larger joints, the nasal cavities, urinary bladder as well as the ear and ear drum. This will allow more accurate diagnoses to be made and less traumatic and hence effective treatments to be achieved. Our veterinary surgeons have received training from the clinicians at the University of Liverpool as well as some of the best European endoscopic surgeons meeting in Paris.


We are intending to roll out these surgical options over the next few months and hope that they will result in better diagnostics, less traumatic surgery and more rapid recoveries for our pets.

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