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Why choose Royal Canin pet food?

Are you thinking about changing your pet’s food? Would you like your pet to eat high quality food? Then look no further than Royal Canin. Royal Canin offer a larger range which is better tailored to the life stage of the animal. There are specific diets available for every stage from puppy to senior.


Quality of the food.

The life stage range is highly palatable and also comes with Royal Canin palatability guarantee. So if your pet will not eat the food they will refund you.

Not only is it highly palatable, it also contains highly digestible, good quality proteins to ensure maximum digestive tolerance. It also promotes healthy skin and coat with the use of vitamins and amino acids. Raw materials used are rigorously selected and go through strict quality control processes. All products are guaranteed to be the same from batch to batch and are fully traceable.


Royal Canin also contains pre-biotics to help the good bacteria in the gut, and also anti-oxidants to support the natural defence system of growing dogs.


Royal Canin also offers a Neutered range for both dogs and cats. Neutered pets have different nutritional requirements to that of a un-neutered animal. The range is modified to ensure the animal is receiving the correct balance of nutrients, whilst helping prevent problems such as obesity which can be common in neutered pets.


How does the price fare up?

Royal Canin is very cost effective because of the quality of the ingredients, so you’re pet will need to be fed a lot less. Cheaper diets use cheaper ingredients, therefore you need to feed a lot more of these diets for the animal to receive the correct nutrients.

Cheap food = False economy


Abbey House price per day example-

20kg dog being fed Neutered Adult 3.5kg dry - price per day from £1.13p


We are currently offering 25% off certain cat diets until 30th April.


Buy 6 bags and get the 7th free in the Loyalty Scheme!


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