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February 2012 is National Microchip Month - Tracers only £9.98


If your pet is not already microchipped, take advantage of our great offer. Throughout February Tracers Microchips are only £9.98! (Normal price £20.57)


Phone any of our clinics and book a convenient appointment with the practice nurses.


How does it work?

Q: How is it implanted?

A: Implanting a Tracer microchip is a straightforward procedure, just like an injection. Your vet will locate the implant in a standard position on your pet using a preloaded sterile implanter. For dogs and cats, this will be under the loose skin of the neck.

Q: How does it work?

A: Each Tracer microchip has a unique code which is linked to the national 24-hour Petlog database. Your veterinary practice will log all of your details with Petlog via a paper registration form or online. The database contains all of your details such as your name, address and phone number. If your pet is found away from home, most vets, animal charities and local authorities will have a scanner to read the Tracer microchip and retrieve your pet’s details. Your pet can then be returned to you safe and sound.

Q: Can any animal be microchipped?

A: Dogs, cats and rabbits are the most commonly microchipped animals, but many others can also benefit from microchipping. Birds, horses, reptiles (such as snakes and tortoises), fish and almost any small mammals can all be microchipped by your local Tracer practice.

Q: How long does the microchip last?

A: Once your pet has been microchipped with Tracer Advance, it lasts for life! The microchip itself cannot be tampered with once it is implanted and the registration with Petlog has no expiry date*.

* Changes to your details will be charged for unless you have opted to become a Petlog Premium customer


About Petlog


Petlog is the largest pet reunification service in the UK and its database stores over four million records.

The Petlog aftercare service team are on hand 24 hours a day to authorised bodies such as animal wardens or animal welfare centres who scan the chips in found animals and trace their owners via the Petlog database.

Petlog provides a wide range of services for owners of microchipped animals:

  • Petlog is a not for profit organisation, owned by the Kennel Club
  • Each year, on average, an additional 500,000 new owners recognise the importance of having their pet permanently identified with a microchip and choose Petlog membership.
  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • An average of 90,000 calls are received by Petlog every year from vets, animal wardens, local authorities, rescue centres, police and owners.
  • The Petlog 24/7 aftercare service team assisted with the reunification of over 86,000 pets in 2009.
  • The Petlog aftercare service team works in partnership with the industry to help assist with special reunification cases - even if a pet were to go missing within hours of being microchipped, Petlog will be able to trace the necessary information to assist reunification.
  • Should you need to make any changes to your contact details, you can do so for either £7.00 (payable each time to make a change) or, for a one off lifetime fee of just £10, you can upgrade to Petlog Premium. Petlog Premium offers unlimited lifetime changes and a host of other benefits.
  • Petlog is the only UK member of the European Pet Network. This means if your pet is found in Europe, authorised agencies can help bring you and your pet back together.


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