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Tommy the tortoise safely returned to owners after mini adventure

Tommy the tortoise safely returned to owners after mini adventure.


This is a fantastic story of goodwill and fortune. Two weeks ago a member of the public spotted tiny Tommy, a 14 year old tortoise out of the corner of their eye whilst walking through Morley cemetery. She sensibly decided to contact Abbey House and report him missing and later brought him down to the surgery. There Tom Clarke, veterinary surgeon and partner at Abbey House, offered to foster the tortoise until we could find his owner.


Unfortunately Tommy wasn’t microchipped so the only option was to place an advert in the Morley Observer and hope that his owner might see it.


The day after the advert was published we had a visit from a lady asking if we had her tortoise, we asked if she had any photos, to make sure they were his genuine owners but she did better than that and played a video clip of her tortoise on her phone. The tortoise was hers - Tommy! The advert had worked.


A very excited Mrs Marsden and daughter Holly came down to the hospital after Tommy had been returned from his foster home. They were very happy and relieved to see him, he had been missing for over two weeks and they were starting to think that they may never see him again.


Tommy is now booked in for a microchip and he is not allowed back in the garden until it has been fully Tommy proofed! 

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