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The 'Mother of All Stick Injuries'!

If you have ever thrown a stick for your dog you must read this!


Hattie was a very lucky dog, blessed with sensible owners and a responsive well organised Click to enlargeveterinary team. She was running around her garden whilst next door were doing some work on their garden fence. As she ran out from behind the shed what can only be described as the 'mother of all stick injuries' greeted her owners eyes. Despite the size of the stick Hattie appeared non too perturbed by her plight and her owners remarkably, and very sensibly, did not remove the stick but phoned Leeds Emergency Vets and got her into their car to bring her straight down. On arrival one of our nurses helped to manoeuvre her out of the back seat so as not to damage her chest further. She was whisked into radiography where it became clear that the stick had entered the chest and air had leaked around her lungs. The stick was plugging the hole and if it had been removed Hattie would have surely died. She was anaesthetised and the stick removed. Click to enlargeFortunately the lungs and heart had not been damaged though there was much contamination of the chest which needed flushing and cleaning.


Hattie was nursed carefully over the next three days and a chest drain was used to remove air and fluid that continued to accumulate in her chest. After five days she was able to go home, her owners were delighted as can be seen in the picture below.


This is a remarkable case, not only because of the size of the stick but also Click to enlargebecause of the quick witted and calm thinking of Hattie's owners and the benefits of a well organised and responsive emergency service. We never recommend throwing sticks for dogs due to the damage that can be done when they lodge in their throats but this case is something different in that Hattie ran onto a stationary stake with the most dramatic of results but fortunately the happiest of outcomes!

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