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Tara's story

Tara was out walking with her owners early last month when to their horror she fell a short distance whilst on a cliff top walk. She seemed quite shocked by this experience and was immediately brought to Abbey House where she was examined and chest x-rays taken. Nothing untoward was seen and her owners were very keen to have Tara back at home with them so she was discharged with plenty of pain relief.


Two days later Tara's owners noted that she had a swelling to her neck and brought her once again to Abbey House. On this occasion it was very clear that something was seriously wrong and a CT examination of Tara's neck and chest was performed. This showed what appeared to be a large stick in the tissues of Tara's neck. Her owners also reported that she had a little blood in her mouth and hadn't been eating very well since her accident so when anaesthetised we examined her throat to find a hole right at the back of her mouth. An endoscope was used to make sure that there was no other damage to her throat or oesophagus which, thankfully, was not the case.


Immediate surgery was recommended and a large piece of stick was removed from Tara's neck which presumably she had some how managed to "swallow" whilst out on her cliff top walk.


Tara recovered rapidly from her surgery and the wound healed uneventfully but we all think that it will be some time before she breaks her fall by grabbing the nearest branch!







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