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Senior Cat Clinics

In recent years the life expectancy of our feline pets has increased remarkably and at Abbey House we are now seeing cats living into their late teens and even early 20's. Because of this we have decided to set up some clinics especially for our senior cat patients. These clinics are primarily to monitor for the early signs of certain diseases to which older cats are more susceptible. These include high blood pressure, kidney disease and overactive thyroid glands among others. For cats of 7-10 years old the assessment includes a full physical examination, blood pressure assessment (cat's temperament permitting!) and analysis of a urine sample. The cost will be £52. For cats 11yrs and older we also recommend a blood sample is collected for a biochemistry, haematology, electrolyte and thyroid screen. This will be at an additional cost of £105


If you are interested please ring our Rothwell branch on 0113 2827117

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