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Royston's Story

Royston is a very handsome, adult Doberman. He is a very well behaved, stoic dog and you wouldn’t expect any trouble from him. So, when one of the children’s toys went missing, nobody expected Royston to be guilty. A few days later, he was sick with a piece of plastic which incidentally resembled the head of the toy everybody had been looking for!!


Royston’s owners brought him to Abbey House and we took x-rays of his abdomen and could see that there were still some pieces of plastic in his stomach. Surprisingly Royston wasn’t sick any more and he was feeling very well but, together with his owner, we decided to remove the rest of the toy from his stomach so it wouldn’t cause more problems in the future. The surgery was straightforward and quick. We removed several pieces of plastic from Royston’s stomach. He recovered very well and went home the next day. He had his stitches removed 10 days after surgery and recovered and healed very well.

Royston’s story shows that one has to be careful even with adult, even-minded dogs. It is always better to supervise dogs when they play with their own toys, sometimes even those designed for dogs can still be easily damaged, chewed and swallowed so they should be supervised whilst playing at all times.


If you suspect your dog has swallowed something – whether it’s a piece of a toy, piece of sock, rotten food on a walk etc., please contact us as soon as possible. Within the first half to one hour of digesting undesirable things we can make the dog sick and get rid of it as long as it is not a sharp object or highly irritable substance. If it is not possible we can remove foreign bodies by endoscopy – that means that we have a tiny camera which goes into the dog’s stomach with which we can see and grab the foreign body with a special tool without the need for surgery. If the object is big or sharp surgery is needed and we are able to remove objects from the stomach or intestines that way.


So do be aware that all dogs can potentially swallow a foreign body and if one of your child’s or one of your pet’s toys goes missing and your dog isn’t quite as bright as normal contact the practice.

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