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A hutch can never be big enough!

In the wild rabbits can cover an area equivalent to 30 football fields. They should be able to exhibit natural behaviour for example foraging, grooming each other, playing, exploring and huddling together for warmth.

The RWAF recommends a minimum hutch size of;

6ft x 2ft x 2ft


A rabbit hutch should be;

  • Big enough to allow rabbits to lie down and stretch out comfortably.
  • Tall enough for them to stand up on their back legs without their ears touching the roof.
  • Long enough to allow at least three continuous hops from one end to the other, 3 hops from an average sized rabbit covers 6-7 feet!
  • Rabbits should be housed in pairs or in a three, and not paired with guinea pigs.


Remember a hutch can never be big enough!

A hutch should also have a run/paddock attached or easily available;

Creating a Rabbit Paddock;

Simply corner off an area using picket fencing and mesh (fencing needs to be put about half a metre underground and curved back into the enclosure by half a metre to make it escape-proof). The area should be around 7m2 and covered with a roof or mesh to make it predator-proof. Lots of hiding places should be provided within this area.

A Wendy house or small shed would make a brilliant converted house for your bunnies.


Some useful websites;

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