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Prevention of Gastric Torsion in susceptible breeds

Laparascopic spaying has become a routine part of veterinary surgery at Abbey House and many clients are being amazed by the rapid recovery their pets enjoy when performed by this method.

As you may be aware, particularly if you own a susceptible breed, there is a devastating and potentially fatal disease in the dog called gastric dilatation and volvulus or GDV.  In this condition the dogs stomach fills with gas and then twists preventing the same gas from escaping.  There are many means by which the risk of this disease can be minimised including feeding small meals, never exercising your dog immediately before or after feeding, not allowing them to drink from a free flowing tap and feeding from the floor.  The other method which prevents the twisting of the stomach although not the initial accumulation of gas is an operation called a gastropexy when part of the stomach is attached to the abdominal wall.  This operation can be performed laparoscopically at the same time as spaying or at any other time for that matter and obviously can be employed in male dogs too!

Breeds that are at risk include Weimeraners, Wolf and Deerhounds, Old English Sheepdogs and German Shepherd dogs as well as some small dogs such as Springer spaniels and Dachshunds so it is worth considering preventative surgery in these animals.

If you wish to know more about prophylactic gastropexy please contact the hospital on 0113 252 5818.

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