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Jasper and Busta finish 5 months of chemotherapy.


Jasper and Busta are just two of Abbey House’s oncology cases that were both referred from local practices for treatment of canine lymphoma…a cancer of the lymph glands. They started treatments back in October of last year within two or three weeks of each other. They have been given the gold standard treatment known as CHOP by our oncology team…meaning 16 injections of 3 different drugs given over 20 weeks. This is a big commitment to make at the start of treatment by any owner…the worry over side effects, the concern that the cancer will not go into remission. Happily the incidence of side effects is low, though not unknown, and the majority of dogs respond well to treatment. This was certainly the case with these two guys, and they have a good outlook ahead of them, as they both responded very quickly to the medication.

It is always good as an oncologist to hear an owner say “you wouldn’t know that he was ill” and that your patients are running in the park, eating well, and generally enjoying life. This was certainly the case with Busta and Jasper, and though I’m sure they would rather not have been having the treatment, they never made a fuss about the injections, were really easy to treat and always got plenty of hugs. 







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