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Meet Justyna and Bruiser

Meet Justyna, one of Abbey House’s veterinary surgeons and her cat Brusier. Justyna has clicker trained Bruiser to be able to sit, do a ‘high five’, touch her hand on cue, walk to heal and get in his bed. You would more commonly associate clicker training with dogs but Justyna has shown that it can be a useful training aid in cats too. It provides cats with mental stimulation. Cats are hunters and normally they spend all day roaming. Pet cats, especially indoor ones cannot express that natural behaviour, that’s why it’s very important to provide them with opportunity to play, hunt using toys on poles that they can stalk and ‘kill’ which provides lots of mental stimulation. Training your cat will strengthen the bond between you and them and make your relationship very special.


Justyna is currently awaiting her final results from Southampton University where she has been studying a Post Graduate Diploma in Small Animal Behavioural Counselling. We are confident that Justyna will do really well and will graduate this summer.


This qualification is held in high regard by the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) who set a code of conduct and professional standards. We are really pleased that Justyna has worked hard over the last two years to achieve this. She is already building up her pet behavioural consultations and we hope they will continue to grow and grow. If you have a pet whose behaviour you are concerned about and you think you may need some help and advise please contact Justyna on 0113 2525818 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 


To watch Justyna and Bruiser click on!/photo.php?v=10151027968414447

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