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Finbar the Constipated Cat

Whilst not being the most romantic of subjects chronic constipation can, nevertheless, be a condition which takes up much of the time and concerns of a cat owner.  The cause can be difficult to determine but there is little doubt that when a cat starts to show signs these become more and more frequent resulting in frequent trips to the vet for cleansing enemas and various medicines.

Despite owners and their vets best efforts there are some cats who continue to have problems and such a cat was Finbar. He was referred from a neighbouring practice and had been having difficulties for many months.  He was otherwise well and all his owners wanted was to be able to clear out his litter tray without the fear that there may be nothing in it!

It was decided that the best method of treating Finbar, given that all the laxative agents had failed, was to remove part of his large bowel such that he produced a soft stool.  This operation is called a sub total colectomy and although carrying some risks can revolutionise the lives of cat and owners alike.

These pictures were taken a few days after Finbar had had his surgery and as you can see he is quite relaxed about the whole thing!  His owners report that he is having no trouble with his toileting habits and also that he was a happier cat for not suffering the effects of chronic constipation.  This is an example of when surgery can bring about a cure to a long term problem hence sparing Finbar the indignities of further enemas and his owners the difficulties of persuading him to take medicines which he clearly dislikes!

Finbar following his surgery

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