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Elderly Pet Talks Coming ....

18 years young!

Tabitha was born at Abbey House on June 4th 1996 and spent the first 6 weeks of her life there with her foster mum. At 6 weeks old she moved to her new home with Fiona Tate one of our vets. She quickly took charge of the establishment and staff commandeering her own armchair and climbing the curtains.
Passion - tinned tuna!
Likes anything fishy, sleeping, football, gardening, decorating clean cars with paw prints, sitting in the middle of road (luckily in a quiet cul-de-sac, attacking toes sticking out from under the duvet.
Dislikes paws being wiped after being out in the rain and any veterinary intervention whatsoever!!



And then there was Doris. Presumed to be about seventeen, acquired from a neighbour because she didn’t like their little boy. Her hobby is finding a patch of sunlight to bask in. Still has lots of spirit despite having a dodgy foot and sees off our young Patterdale terrier when required.



Fiona Tate and I (Lisa Davies) have a lot of personal experience of living with and owning elderly cats so it is a subject dear to us both. We would like to try to share that with you. We are going to arrange some evening talks and invite you along to give you some tips and advice on caring for these senior citizens. Look out for more details in the near future.

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