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CT Update

We are delighted with our new CT scanner and have already put it to great use in helping many of the poorly pets that have been brought to Abbey House.  CT or Computerised Tomography is a specialised X-ray examination requiring a high-tech machine to produce and record the images. Ours was originally designed for use in humans. It looks like a large doughnut through which the patient moves on a trolley and X-rays are fired in a radial pattern. This allows thin slices of tissues to be X-rayed and arranged as multiple pictures. These can then be manipulated to produce images in different planes and also to give a 3D impression of the patient. It is an invaluable tool for looking at noses, ears, lumps and bumps, elbows and shoulders, as well as assessing the extent of certain cancers. Please feel free to ask any of our vets about its applications and whether your pet might benefit from its use.





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