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Chunks afternoon on the beach

Chunk is a 5 year old English bull terrier and long standing patient at Abbey House. This summer his owners, Mr. and Mrs. Locker, moved to the east coast where Chunk became very keen to explore his new surroundings. An opportunity arose when his owner’s little girl left the garden gate open and in no time he was off.  In fact two miles off where he came upon the cliffs at Flamborough head and his favourite pastime of chasing seagulls. A passer by, seeing that he was getting dangerously close to the cliff edge, called to him but as he turned disaster struck and Chunk fell, not just a few feet but a few hundred till he came to lie on a very secluded beach.


Meanwhile the Lockers were frantically searching close to their new house but were then alerted to the fact that a dog had fallen from the cliffs several miles away.  Minutes later Mr. Locker was peering over the cliff edge and there was Chunk, prostrate on the beach and unmoving. Then, after a few more minutes, he roused himself and started to explore his new surroundings. This was become something of a habit!


It soon became clear that there was no way down to Chunk from the top of the cliff, not unless you wished to follow in his footsteps, so the local RNLI lifeboat was called out but was unable to reach him. So, out came the air, land and sea rescue helicopter which lowered a member of the crew down to Chunk, secured him to a rope and winched both to the top of the cliff.


Once safely off the beach Chunk was taken to the local vets who administered first aid and X-rayed one of his back legs upon which he was hobbling. These radiographs showed a fracture to Chunk’s knee and the following morning he was transferred to Abbey House for this to be repaired.


When examined by veterinary surgeon Tom Clarke, Chunk appeared none the worse for his amazing adventure but despite this it was felt that there may be some internal injuries so further X-rays and scans of his chest and abdomen were performed. Only after these showed no abnormalities was surgery undertaken to fix the fracture with a pin and screw. During his time in the hospital Chunk was also discovered to have some kidney disease so his recovery was a little prolonged but a week after his admission he was reunited with his family and although not out of the woods yet he is coming on leaps and bounds!




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