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Barney the slimmer of the month

Barney came to visit the vet for his booster vaccination in October, and his weight was recorded at 16.6kg


The vet advised a weight clinic with the nurses, for various health reasons.


  1. Less pressure on the heart/risk of cardiac problems
  2. Less pressure on joints
  3. Less risk of conditions like diabetes
  4. Less risk of respiratory conditions
  5. And to help increase his lifespan potentially by a number of years!


Nurse check 1


So it was here his journey began. We recommended he gradually changed his diet to a calorie controlled diet (Hills R/D) to give him the best chance for successful weight loss.


Nurse check 2


Once he was transitioned on to the diet he came for a weight check, he had lost just over 1 kg in 2 weeks. Excellent, Starting as he meant to go on!


At this weight check Barneys parents were advised to increase his exercise now, where they felt it was possible to get some fat burning! (All diets work better with a steady amount of cardio respiratory exercise).

They were also advised to change his feeding habits by making him work for his food e.g. by feeding him at the top of the stairs so he had to move to get it.


Nurse check 3


4 weeks later and Barney was back for his weight check, and Barney had lost almost another KG!

It was late November now so not the nicest time of the year to be exercising but both mum and dad are doing there very best to encourage more play and exercise, agreeing that he enjoys himself so much more now.


Nurse check 4


Just before Christmas, Barneys weight is still heading in the right direction, another half kilogram lost. Food level re calculated and increased (now he has more energy, he is using more calories so therefore needs an increase in food).


Nurse check 5


January the 17th. Barney had lost weight again! A total of 3 kg in 3 months. That’s over 20% of his weight. Not much further to go now, his body is much more defined and toned!


Nurse check 6


The end of February, Barney is still doing well, his weight is now at 13.3kg.To increase his calorie intake again.


Nurse check 7


March weigh in……… 12.6kg!!! Absolutely fantastic! Barney looks great and has so much more energy now, he is like a new dog. He certainly has a new lease of life! Barneys mum and dad have done him proud, sticking to his strict diet has certainly paid off. He is in perfect condition after losing 4kgs. Time to stabilise him now. No more weight loss needed.


Well done Barney!!!


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