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Attention all Rabbit Owners

At Abbey House, we have recently seen a significant increase in the number of rabbits with myxomatosis.


It is spread typically by blood sucking insects like the rabbit flea, the disease attacks domestic and wild rabbits alike. In addition to the characteristic bulging of the eye lids, key symptoms include localised swellings around the head, face, ears, lips, anus and genitalia. Severe swelling can lead to blindness and distortion of the face, often resulting in difficulty with drinking and feeding. Any rabbit is at risk of contracting this nasty disease and the majority of those affected will die!


It is recommended that all rabbits over the age of 6 weeks are vaccinated ideally in early spring so that the rabbits have the optimum protection during the period of the year when they are most at risk, between August and October. However, as myxomatosis can strike at any time boosters are recommended once or twice a year, depending on your pet’s likely exposure to the disease.


In addition to vaccination, rabbit owners need to control the parasites which cause the disease. Frequent pet checks for signs of fleas, along with regular use of insecticidal treatment will facilitate a high degree of flea control, lessening the likelihood of bites.

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