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As Hard As Nails!

Archie had always been a slightly unusual dog. Rescued from the Dogs Trust he had been born deaf and his behaviour was slightly out of the ordinary. Maybe it was because of this that he was loved so much by his owners, hence it was with some apprehension that they presented him to Abbey House with the story that he may have eaten some nails.Archie's xray

The Nails

His owners had been placing some butterfly decorations on the walls at home and were positioning them with some BluTac. The nails for permanently fixing them were, as they thought, at their feet but on looking down they were nowhere to be seen and neither was Archie.

A search ensued and the empty bag was found on the stairs and there was Archie, in his basket, and chewing away at something. There was no point shouting so he was quickly picked up, turned upside down and a single nail was seen to fall from his mouth. But the rest?

 An x-ray soon revealed where they now resided, in a large pile in Archie’s stomach. It is sometimes surprising to owners that sharp objects such  as needles can be let to pass naturally through the stomach and bowel and that perforation is, in fact, very uncommon. So a wait and see policy was adopted, with, as it turned out, disappointing results. Only one nail passed over the next 24 hours and the others seeming to form a lump at the exit from the stomach. So there was nothing else for it and surgery was performed to remove the 24 nails Archie had eaten!

 Fortunately Archie is “as hard as nails” and recovered quickly and completely from his surgery. What on earth persuaded him to eat the nails in the first place is anyone’s guess but his owners will not be letting him help with the DIY anytime soon!

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