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Are your pets vaccinations up to date for your holidays?

Going on your summer holidays?

Is your pet up to date with their vaccinations ready for their kennel/cattery stay?

Please check your pets vaccination record card is signed and dated (within the last year) well before you travel, as most ken...nels/catteries will NOT accept your pet with out an up to date vaccination record card.

Many kennels require you to have your dog vaccinated against kennel cough. This presents as a harsh hacking cough, which can be very difficult to treat. It got it’s nickname as it can spreads very quickly in a block of kennels, but your dog can still be at risk on a day to day basis wherever dogs meet - in the park, on the streets etc. This vaccination is not part of your dogs annual booster. If you are unsure if your dog has had this vaccine or not please contact the surgery, we can check your pets records and book them in if necessary.

Kennel Cough vaccination price is £19.93

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