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A case of biting off more than you can chew!

Since Lily was only 12 weeks old and had just started her kitten vaccination course she was not yet allowed out of her owner's home. All seemed fine until one day Lily regurgitated back a piece of chicken and then stopped eating altogether. When Lily was presented at the Kippax surgery by her worried owners it was apparent that there was something stuck at the back of her throat however it was too far back and too firmly lodged to removed while Lily was conscious. With Lily under general anaesthetic a piece of chicken bone that had lodged firmly between her tonsils could be removed and once recovered from the anaesthetic Lily was quickly tucking into some finely mashed food. Her owner's were mystified as to how she could have got hold of the chicken bone and could only assume it had been brought in by their adult cat-with Lily around they realised they would have to be extra vigilant!

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