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Gaius the wizard’s cat

Gaius was presented to us from another practice after he came home with two broken legs and a fractured jaw. He was found by a gentleman on his way home from a night shift, after phoning the RSPCA he picked him up and put him in the basket on his bike and took him to a local veterinary practice. Fortunately one of the veterinary nurses there recognised him and details were confirmed because of the microchip he had. So owners were contacted and then he was referred to vet Tom Clarke, here at Abbey House for further treatment. No one knows what happened for Gaius to sustain these severe injuries and it is very unusual to see an animal with fractures to two limbs. His recovery was not guaranteed but he was the dearly loved pet of the two lads of the family one of whom had been very ill so his owners said “let’s go for it!”

As you can see he has had two external fixators placed on his limbs as well as pins within the bone cavity. His jaw required no surgery but he did have a feeding tube fitted, as initially at least Gaius was unable to eat on his own.

He has done exceptionally well since his surgery and his feeding tube was taken out after a week as his owners reported that he was eating perfectly ok himself. He is walking on his limbs with apparently few problems and we are all very pleased with his progress. But… there is a long road ahead and he will require several more X-ray examinations to determine if the fractures are healing and then slowly the fixators will be removed till hopefully he will be able to walk on his limbs without any external support. So let’s keep our fingers and forelimbs crossed for Gaius and hope that some of the wizards magic rubs off on him.



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