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Top tips for helping your pets cope with fireworks

We know that animals can find fireworks incredibly stressful, they have very acute senses and for them every flash and bang can be unexpected and alarming.


Top tips to help with your pet cope with firework fears.

-          Ensure your pet is safely inside and secure doors, windows and cat flaps so they cannot bolt in reaction to sudden noises. If you have had your pet microchipped it will certainly improve the chances of a safe return if they did ever escape.

-          Allow your dog or cat to hide in a den where they feel safe. Prepare this a few weeks in advance so they can get used to it.

-          Closing the curtains will block any scary flashes of light and may help reduce the noise level.

-          In the run up to the fireworks season, ensure dogs are taken for walks in the day time or early evenings and cats are provided with litter trays.

-          Playing music or having the TV on can help mask the noise.

-          Ignore unusual behaviour, unless they come to you for reassurance. Give them affection, but no more than usual. Pets often pick up on their owners worry and overcompensating could make things worse.

-          Never show aggression to your pet if they appear frightened this will only confirm that there is something to be frightened of.   

-          Try not to leave your pets by themselves, they will be more relaxed when they have familiar faces around.  

-          Provide distractions, for example new toys or treats.


There are other methods of trying to help pets who get very anxious about fireworks, using pheromone diffusers can help increase a feeling of security, tablets that can help pets cope when facing unusual or unpredictable situations or sound desensitisations, a training programme to gradually exposing your pet to a tiny amount of sound and increasing it over time. Please contact your nearest branch and book a free appointment with your practice nurse to discuss further. 

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