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A lucky escape for Billy

Quick thinking and a bit of luck saved Billy’s life


Billy is a 2 year black Cocker Spaniel, owned by the Davies’. They were playing ball as they would normally but unfortunately this particular morning disaster struck. Billy got his ball lodged in his throat and it was firmly stuck! Billy started to choke, Mr Davies tried to reach in and dislodge it but managed to get bitten in the panic. It was no good, it wasn’t going to move so with quick thinking the Davies’ dashed down to the Morley Hospital. On the way they phoned to let us know they were coming so we could be ready and waiting for them. Tom Clarke one of the vets at the hospital had been faced with this situation on too many occasions so waited for Billy’s arrival because he knew quick action needed be to taken.


By the time Billy arrived he was distressed, in pain and struggling to breathe. Tom and his team took Billy from his owners and immediately gave him some intravenous anaesthetic. This allowed him to get full access to the back of the throat. Fortunately the ball was hollow and had two holes in and the way it had been lodged allowed some air to continue to get through. The hole also allowed a pair of surgical forceps to grasp the ball and to pull it out. This bit of luck proved lifesaving for Billy.


Billy was instantly able to breathe again, he was allowed to wake up from the anaesthetic and had an oxygen mask on for a while afterwards. There was a little swelling around the area where the ball had jammed so he was given some treatment for that and a soft diet was recommended for a few days afterwards. Billy has since made a full recovery and is none the worse for his ordeal.


It was a truly lucky escape and a reminder of the dangers of throwing balls to dogs.


Often these balls are of a suitable size when purchased for a puppy but as the puppy grows then the danger of the balls getting stuck become greater. So please be aware and make sure that any object thrown for your pet is of a safe size.


Abbey House would also recommend never to throw sticks for your dogs to catch or fetch.


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